• Securing a stable job in Dubai

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  •  Firas Al Msaddi  Wednesday, 04 March, 2020  

    Securing a stable job in Dubai

    Were you promised with a secure and stable job during a booming market? In a booming market, every company promises stable and secure jobs. The secret to job security in 2020 and beyond is to remember that we build our own security and carry it around with us. 

    Stay employable:

    Your priority should be to concentrate on being employable, not staying employed. Jobs will come and go. You could lose one job (or quit on you own) and find another one quickly. How? Because you know the market, and people know you. Stay close to the marketplace to understand how it is morphing and changing over time. 

    You will keep your skills up to date with the market:

    Candidates with experience are important, but those who can evolve their sales techniques and improve their knowledge and skills in line with an ever-evolving market are the ones I will choose every time. You may work for an organization that is behind the times. Their technology is old. That works for them — but it doesn't work for you! 

    Be ready for change:

    As a real estate agent, just like any other profession, you must always be ready for change. It is relatively easy for an inexperienced agent, for example, to sell in a booming property market. It is the ones who are open to change and who work on new skills and techniques and come up with innovative strategies however that will have the endurance to withstand market slumps. 

    Choose the right leadership:

    The test for true leadership is all about standing true during harsh market cycles. Having to make redundant any of your staff members is maybe the hardest task for any true leader. And sometimes, leaders are left with no option due to extreme market conditions. No employer can assure you lifetime employment anymore. No private company can. No public employer can. Nevertheless, I believe that true consistent leaderships will be, most of the time, able to navigate the ship to weather-out tough times, with the least impact on their team members. At FAM we have continued to grow since day one. The market has had its ups and downs, and we have faced the same struggles as every other company in Dubai. And yet we have continued to grow and thrive. 

    Keep your network active: 

    Networking is a key tool for most, if not all jobs across every industry. Especially real estate. Many if not most people fail to keep their networks active during unemployment.  This is a huge mistake. Your network must be robust and vibrant. The worst thing you can do is to fall asleep in your career. 

    Online profile: 

    One of the first things employers look at is your linked in profile. Therefore, yours must behave up-to-date and powerful. The more your credibility can shine through your online presence, the better!



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