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  •  Firas Al Msaddi  Thursday, 20 February, 2020  

    Dubai projects app

    Click here for Free Access to Dubai Land Department data and statistics - "Dubai Projects" users can access real-time data on 

    • Every single sale transaction that gets registered in Dubai land department, at what price it was sold and in which project.
    • Real-time update on all project construction status.
    • Price trends in every freehold area for the off-plan and for secondary market sales.
    • Future property supply in every area. 

    All for free, download the app on your mobile Dubai Projects 

    Dubai Projects carries the same spirit of the direction set by His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to promoting transparency, knowledge across all business sectors. 



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  •  Firas Al Msaddi

    Securing a stable job in Dubai

    Were you promised with a secure and stable job during a booming market? In a booming market, every company promises stable and secure jobs. The secret to job security in 2020 and beyond is to remember that we build our own security and carry it around with us.  Stay employable: Your priority should be to concentrate on being employable, not staying employed. Jobs will come and go. You could lose one job (or quit on you own) and find another one quickly. How? Because you know the market, and people know you. Stay close to the marketplace to understand how it is morphing and changing over time.  You will keep your skills up to date with the market: Candidates with experience are important, but those who can evolve their sales techniques and improve their knowledge and skills in line with an ever-evolving market are the ones I will choose every time. You may work for an organization that is behind the times. Their technology is old. That works for them — bu
  •  Firas Al Msaddi

    Case Study: Investor without a local bank account? Not a problem.

    One of our agent received a client for buying a property in Trident grand, He dealt with the client for 2 weeks offered 3 units which would be perfect. The buyer made an offer of  AED 1.7M on 26th February for a property which our agent had for AED 2.2M. Usually many agents would reject this client and move on to something else, however our agent persevered and pushed the owner as he believed the offer was very good. It turns out the seller was really motivated and needed to sell, however, they were under the impression that other agencies had a client for the property at a much higher price. Our agent challenged the seller to request a cheque from the other agents and none of them could deliver. The main challenge came once both parties agreed to AED 1.8M, our agent requested a cheque from the buyer, but it so turned out that the client who is a European national didn’t have any bank account in Dubai. Undeterred our agent requested some advice fr
  •  Firas Al Msaddi


    When it comes to any real estate transaction there are certain steps and documents that need to be in place in order to successfully transfer a property. The Problem But what do you do if the seller loses the title deed? To make the challenge even more challenging: the buyer had given the seller a really tight deadline to sort out all of the documents needed to transfer the land, as the security clearance could take up to 2 weeks to be issued. We had to act and we had to act fast. The Solution As my client panicked, it was my time to focus. I went into overdrive to make everything happen. I headed straight on the case to getting the client his title deed back. Armed with my years of experience, knowledge and great relationships built with necessary parties concerned, I began running from department to department to get things done in time. I knew exactly what needed to be done, therefor I could get right on it. The seller was with me in the car all day and what he
  •  Firas Al Msaddi

    Case Study: International Seller living outside of Dubai without correct building permit

    The UK client made initial contact asking on the current market trends and suggested they would be very interested in selling their Villa for the correct price. This Villa was chosen specifically upon construction for the elevated plot, view and size of the area. The client had received various very attractive offers over the years and this varied from 2008 depending on market conditions at the time.  This client was realistic about the current market and had a figure in mind of what they would accept, However, having been offered a substantial amount over the OP then was very set in this figure in order to take into account the current market value of the property. During initial discussions, we explained we could set the price at "x" amount and it would just be another villa in the area for sale or, due to the very attractive size and location then we could price it well and it would most certainly attract buyers in that and surrounding areas.  We prepared
  •  Firas Al Msaddi

    Will the Dubai real estate market experience a bigger sell-off?

    In this report, I chose only to focus on the ready re-sale apartment market. I strongly believe that the true market price cannot be measured by off-plan project prices, but by the secondary re-sale market as it represents the end-user’s demand and is least affected by short-term investors or speculators. The below report factors all of Dubai freehold communities collectively for ready apartments. If you wish to generate the same report for a specific the project, you can simply visit Property Trends and choose the community or the project of your interest, as well as the time frame to generate a ready and simple to read the report.       The fact that we have been witnessing a soft and continuous decline in the average price per sqft, total value and number of sales transactions of ready apartments since their market peak end of 2013 and 2014, makes today’s market fairly stable. Simply because over the past 5 years, the majorit