Data-Driven Transparency Boosts Sales and Trust Exponentially
By Firas Al Msaddi on Monday, 19 February, 2024
In Dubai's fast-moving real estate world, we're seeing a big change towards being more open and using data to make decisions. When I first told agents to be more transparent and use data in their advice, many were unsure. They wondered if being too open would make selling harder. This doubt only made me more determined to push for a change towards using more data in our work.

Partnership for Progress
Our hard work over five years led to a big achievement: a partnership between Aura Tech and the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the government body of Dubai. This partnership created DXBinteract, a first-of-its-kind platform that gives everyone free access to real estate data and statistics. Now, everyone involved in real estate, from buyers to sellers and agents, can use this information to make better decisions. This has made openness and data use a new standard in Dubai’s real estate market.

Regulatory Reforms and Market Cleanup
The move towards more transparency continues with new rules from RERA about advertising. These rules aim to clean up the market from misleading ads. For a long time, not enough rules and too many loopholes let some people in the real estate world bend the truth in their ads. Now, changes are happening that will make sure ads are more honest, which some people didn’t think would happen soon. But from what I’ve seen in meetings with top people at the DLD, I can say for sure that big improvements are on the way. The market is about to change a lot in the next ten days.

The Power of Transparency and Data
After the launch of DXBinteract, the way I sold properties was transformed. By relying on transparent data and thorough analysis, I was able to close deals 100 times faster and sell properties at a volume tenfold that of traditional methods, which lacked data and transparency. The key realization here is that people prefer to do business with those they trust. Demonstrating transparency in your sales pitches, as opposed to relying on the outdated, pushy tactics often found in brochures, builds trust exponentially faster with potential clients.

Embracing the New Norm
The ongoing reforms in RERA's advertising regulations are a testament to our market's evolution towards greater transparency. Despite the initial lack of regulation, which allowed for numerous loopholes in property advertising, significant strides are now being made to rectify this. From my interactions with senior management at the DLD, I am confident that a new era of well-regulated property advertising is upon us, promising a fairer and more transparent marketplace.

This shift towards data and transparency is not just a change in strategy but a fundamental shift in mindset for Dubai’s real estate market. It stands as proof that building trust and ensuring transparency are not only possible but crucial for success in today’s competitive landscape. As we stand on the verge of significant market changes, it's clear that the adoption of a transparent, data-driven approach is the future of real estate. The evolution towards a more transparent, reliable, and data-informed Dubai real estate market is an inspiring tale of innovation, collaboration, and significant transformation. It showcases that with the right direction and commitment, creating an open and data-driven environment is not just achievable but essential for advancing in the modern business world.
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