He was born on July 25, 1984, in Homs, Syria. As a serial entrepreneur and author, He founded fäm Properties which has grown to become Dubai's largest and most technologically advanced real estate company.
Journey & Achievements
Early Life and Education
Growing up in Homs, he attended the Institute Knowledge Village. From a young age, he was determined to achieve big goals, trading everything from shoes to firecrackers. At 21, he left Syria to pursue his dreams. Initially, his English skills were limited, but he dedicated himself to improvement by immersing himself in conversations with friends from the USA. He worked various jobs, including as a mall security staff in Doha and a salesman at an Armani retail shop in Dubai. His hard work paid off when he was named the best salesman and awarded a Bulgari watch. His ultimate goal was to work in an office environment, so he pursued a commission-based job at a real estate company. Within 30 days, he closed several leasing deals and earned a significant amount of money. In 2009, during the financial crisis, he seized an opportunity and purchased a bankrupt real estate company, which he successfully turned around, leading to the transformation of fäm properties into the largest, most technologically advanced, and geographically widespread real estate company—an ecosystem in its own right.
At 25, he founded fäm Properties, one of the largest and most successful real estate brokerage firms in the UAE. As Executive Chairman of the fäm Group, he oversees a diverse portfolio including fäm interiors, fäm real estate development management, fäm holiday homes (fam living), fäm engineered snagging and inspection, fäm media 24/7, fäm project management, fäm property management, and fäm prop-tech (DXBinteract.com). The company is built on integrity, high morals, and ethical standards, with a customer-centric approach. They believe that combining strong values with cutting-edge technology yields superior outcomes. With 23 branches and retail locations spanning 65,000 sq. ft. in key Dubai communities, their team of about 900 skilled professionals is dedicated to excellence.

The services offered by fäm Properties include managing off-plan sales for developers with holistic support, meticulous walk-through inspections with detailed reports, investment advisory, sales progression for a smooth property transfer, interior decoration to maximize property value, and providing holiday homes with over 10 years of industry expertise. They also offer instant and free property valuation, listing photography, 3D tours, video tours to enhance marketing impact, and managing investment portfolios worth over $1.2 billion USD. Additionally, they assist clients in buying and selling properties, including first-time home buyers, luxury properties, new constructions, and property management services.

Since 2012, fäm Properties has been recognized as the top-performing property brokerage for Dubai Properties Group (DPG), a division of Dubai Holding. They earned a Platinum Agent award in 2017 from Emaar Properties and have been acknowledged as the highest-performing agent by Meraas and Meydan. The Dubai Land Department has also recognized them as the highest transacting agency in Dubai for 2017-2018. They launched an innovative government-backed prop-tech platform in collaboration with the Dubai Land Department, providing transparent reports, interactive open-source data, and comprehensive statistics on Dubai's real estate market performance. Additionally, he has managed an investment portfolio for high-net-worth individuals in the GCC.

He is also the CEO of Oratec, the developer of DXBinteract.com, an interactive platform for real estate data in Dubai.
He authored "The Art of Real Estate Investment: From Entry to Exit," a best-selling book in the region available in English, Russian and Arabic, offering valuable guidance and expertise to aspiring real estate investors.
Real Estate Tycoon
Award, 2017
He delivered a TED talk titled "Breaking the Taboo: Honest Conversations about Making Money," where he tackled common misconceptions and myths about wealth accumulation. In this thought-provoking presentation, he provided insightful perspectives on financial success, emphasizing the importance of transparency and open dialogue about money. His talk aimed to demystify the process of wealth creation and encourage a more informed and honest approach to financial planning.
Personal Life
He met his wife, Haya, in Dubai in 2008, and they have been happily married since 2011. Together, they have four wonderful children: two boys and two girls.