Importance of Real Estate Development Management Services
By Firas Al Msaddi on Monday, 08 July, 2024
Many new real estate investors, construction contractors, fund managers, and first-time international developers are entering Dubai's real estate market, attracted by the lucrative profit margins. However, these new developers often lack local market experience and struggle to perform well. In real estate, the mantra is

"location, location, location,"

and I add

"the right property or project on the right plot of land in the right location."

Developers with poor sales performance typically lack local market knowledge. Speed of off-plan sales can make or break a developer's profitability; the longer it takes to sell inventory, the less profit is made.

Our real estate development management arm is thriving as the market recognizes our comprehensive ecosystem, from real estate brokerage to prop-tech and development. This ecosystem enables real estate investors to enter the development market and capitalize on its lucrative profit margins, often double or triple those of conventional real estate investments. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to correlate street-level real estate experience and market knowledge with advanced technology and data analysis. Combined with our expertise in construction management, architectural design, and interior design, we guide new real estate investors from project inception to successful closure.

Unlike typical business consultants who provide guidance and recommendations without executing or taking ownership of the outcomes, and brokers who excel in sales but lack in-depth data analysis and consultancy skills, fäm Group of Real Estate Companies, particularly fäm Real Estate Development Management, positions itself uniquely in the market. We combine street-level real estate market knowledge with advanced tech and data analysis capabilities, alongside extensive experience in construction management and interior design. This unique value proposition allows us to offer unparalleled services in the real estate sector.

A great example of this success is the launch of Century Tower, a 23-floor residential building in Dubai’s Business Bay. This project received an overwhelming response from property investors, with 190 out of 210 apartments sold on the first day. Century Tower was designed to fill a market gap for uniquely crafted residences in Business Bay’s Golden Triangle. The building's design and layout, along with project specifications, were the result of thorough market research and analysis conducted by fäm Properties' real estate development management services. Our successful track record has led to over 12 billion dirhams worth of off-plan projects under our development management arm, all set to launch before the end of 2024. We are gearing up for 25 billion dirhams worth of off-plan projects to be launched during 2025.

At fäm Properties, we achieve success by leveraging our unique real estate ecosystem, which includes a group of companies under the fäm brand. This comprehensive ecosystem provides clients, brokers, and employees with the best working and operating experience.

In order for you to define the optimal business model for a plot of land, you need serious experience at both levels—street level and data-driven.
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